The 6 Best Air Rifle Scopes Under $100(Cheap and in Your Budget)-Reviewed

Cost is a critical factor that is most evident in my purchase list. I guess the same applies to you. However, we can’t fail to note that most of the low-price items commonly compromise on the quality; thus, while I was looking for the best air rifle scope under $100, I had to bear some disappointments.

It took me ages to discover the UTG3-9×32 rifle scope, which brought relief since I bought it.

My predicament has led me to compile a list of the six air rifle scopes which combine affordability, quality, and accuracy in a single tool. You can also go through this article to get a well-detailed air rifle scopes buyer’s guide and answers to a few questions.

6 Best Air Rifle Scopes Under $100 for Your Budget

1. Utg 3-9×32 1″ Bug Buster: Best Budget Air Rifle Scope


  • A highly accommodating eye relief which offers optimum critical mission use
  • The tubes have emerald coting hence, maximum light transmission
  • It has a parallel free view from 3 yards to infinity


  • It has a compact size which limits its eye relief
  • Does not have a locking system

The construction of this rifle seeks to serve individuals who are likely to be in a diverse environment. The sealing is of 100% nitrogen; hence it is reliable amid the fogs, rain, and shock.  The eye relief has green and red illumination, which enhances its reliability in unfavorable weather too.  The design of this affordable scope significantly improves its accuracy.  It promises highly responsive and precise elevation adjustment.

If you need a rifle that will also promise longevity, you should consider this item. Its construction is of true strength platform, which makes it quite sturdy. Also, the smart spherical structure controls the interactions of the inner and outer tubes. The locking and reset feature makes it a reliable rifle and protects its most critical parts.

Additionally, the front objective lens allows wide-angle adjustability, which is quite handy in preventing parallax. Correspondingly, this tool has a parallel free view from as 3 yards to infinity. Likewise, the red-green side wheel illumination is another feature that makes it highly recommendable. This type of illumination facilitates the finest scope of use on any environment or lighting. The side wheel allows highly responsive controls. Its eye relief also is very accommodating to guarantee optimum critical mission

The mil-dot reticle serves many purposes in making it an awesomely best tactical scope under $100. The reticle increases its accuracy, making it a convenient tool for the shooters and hunters. Also, the reticle has a tactical range of estimating mechanisms. Hence, if you are a beginner, you can use it to enhance your accuracy. The lens has flip-open caps and quickly detaching rings, which is quite awesome when making fast moves.  Its tubes have an emerald coating which promises maximum light transmission. Check price on Amazon.

2. Cvlife 2.5-10x40e: Best Under $100


  • Dioptric eye lens which eliminates image aberration
  • It has a green lens coating which facilitates 100% light transmission
  • A wide field of view


  • It is not fog proof
  • No locking system

The main feature that makes this item appear on the best budget air rifle scope is its objective lens.  If you have used a rifle scope before then, you expect the lens to have a blue coating, which sometimes limits the light transmission. However, with this, riflescope has a green-coated objective lens. This type of coating promises 100% light transmittance.

This tool does provide not only more explicit images but also a wide field of view and a 40mmm objective to enhance its magnification. It has red and green illuminations that promise clarity on any type of weather. Also, if you are looking for a rifle scope that will guarantee intuitive controls, here is one. This tool has a bullet drop compensators that allow fast reticle adjustments.

Moreover, it is a 2 in 1 tool with scope and sight laser, which are incorporated together to increase accuracy. Likewise, the windage and elevation adjustments are straightforward and quite precise. It has mild-dot reticle, which makes it recommendable for both professionals and beginners due to its high level of accuracy.  The tubes have a diameter of 1.5″ and with a black matte finish

The construction of this tool also promises longevity amid rough handling. Its crafting is of high-strength craft aluminum. Consequently, it is resistant to fast wasting and of even a bearable weight. The eyepiece construction is also not left behind. They have a dioptric adjustment lens to eliminate the image aberration.   It has fast controls which increase the user control over it. Check the price on Amazon.

3. Simmons 511039 3: Good for Small Game


  • Sure-grip rubber surfaces which guarantee quick adjustments
  • The lens has a hydro shield coating which makes it fog proof and enhances visibility
  • It has an unparalleled view from 50 yards to infinity


  • Its light transmission is not efficient
  • Does not facilitate a wide angle of view

The construction of this affordable scope focuses on accuracy and intuitive controls. Consequently, it is handy for both learners and professionals. To start is the eyepiece construction, which incorporates the quick target acquisition design. Thus, its accuracy is at a higher level for professional users. When it comes to the beginners, it has a sure grip design. This design facilitates the fastest and easiest adjustments.

Nevertheless, this air rifle scope is crafted to last forever and be handy in any type of weather. It has fog proof and waterproof lens for clarity on unfavorable weather.  However, what makes its construction unique is recoil-proof abilities. The entire construction is of heavy-duty materials to guarantee longevity.

Let us now check on its eyepiece and the parallax.  It has an eye relief of 3.765 inches and uses a triplex reticle, which is known to offer a perfect vision. When it comes to parallax, you will choose this tool. It provides an unparalleled view from 50 yards up to infinity. Besides, its parallax settings are of parallel adj, which is quite excellent.

The lenses have hydro shield coating, which does not only make it useful on any weather but also gives clear sights. Also, the optical glass has a coating which increases the brightness and sharpness of the image. It’s also a lightweight rifle scope in comparison to the other scopes of its standard.

4. Barska 3-12×50 IR Air Rifle Hunting Scope


  • Unparalleled view from as close as 30 yards to infinity
  • Due to its brilliant coating, it is fog proof, shockproof and waterproof
  • It has an illuminated30/30 cross reticle which significantly improves accuracy


  • The light transmission needs improvement
  • It is not suitable for shotgun

Yet, this is another highly recommendable air rifle that promises an unimaginable level of accuracy and highly responsive controls.  Thus, it is useful to the hunters as well as target shooters. Its reticle is one of its kinds with red illumination and allows brightness adjustments. Therefore, it guarantees clear vision even on low-light conditions.  Its optics has an exceptional coating to facilitate unparalleled view from as close as 100 yards up to infinity.

Also, due to its fantastic coating, it is a waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. It also has a 50mm objective lens that allows 3-12 times magnification. Thus, due to its fantastic zooming capabilities, it is excellent for both short-range and long-range targeting. Talk of its field of view, and because of its wide-angle, it will meet your expectations. It is the best air rifle scope under 100 that combines affordability without compromising its accuracy

Moreover, it is powered by a lithium battery, which you cannot doubt when it comes to durability. The tube’s length is of 1″ while the objective lens diameter is 50.” The body constructing materials are also of heavy strength to withstand rough handling.  Besides, its longevity features, it is a quite lightweight rifle scope. Its sure-grip surfaces guarantee a firm grip even with gloves

If you are a beginner who needs an air rifle with spontaneous controls, then this might impress you. Its controls are highly responsive and guarantee’ the user control. Also, due to its greatly enhanced accuracy promoting features, you will be shooting like a pro in the next few days. Nevertheless, due to its marvelous eye lenses and illumination, you will not keep it aside, even when you will be a pr0.

5. Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Rangefinder: Cheap Air Rifle Scope


  • It allows brightness adjustments for low light conditions use
  • The elevation and windage are significantly adjustable for more accurate shooting
  • Nitrogen coating on the reticle, thus fog proof and waterproof


  • It is a short eye rifle
  • It cannot be used as a crossbow

It is the best hunting rifle scope and also for long targets shooting. Its lowest magnification is 3x, while its highest magnification ability is 9x. It allows brightness control, which makes it handy even in low light conditions. Hence, you can do the shooting during the day or at night. Its construction is quite skillful which provides elevation adjustability for more accurate shootings

The construction of this air rifle considerably focuses on improving accuracy. To start with is the objective lens. It has a diameter of 40mm, which guarantees a wide field of view. It also uses an illuminated rangefinder reticle, which dramatically elevates its clarity. Also, the reticle provides quick aiming for short distances. Still, its superior eyepiece plays a significant role when it comes to accuracy enhancement.

Getting a fog proof air rifle scope promises great clarity always. The pinty tool has nitrogen coating on the reticle that guarantees transparency on foggy weather. Besides, it is waterproof and shockproof, along with its high functionalities. The eyepiece lens also offers an eye relief of 3.3-2.7 inches while the tube diameter is 25.4

Similarly, its body is of an aluminum alloy, which is known to be quite durable. Besides,  it weighs only 1.7 pounds.  As a result of its skillful crafting, it has speedy controls, thus fit for an amateur. Its scope rings are easily mounted on the weaver mount rails, hence, effortless operations.

6. Monstrum 3-9×32 Riflescope with Rangefinder Reticle


  • Multiple brightness intensities for different light conditions
  • Nitrogen lens coating hence it is fog proof
  • A throw level which allows fast magnification adjustability in a range of 3-9x


  • Fit for only short and mid-range shooting
  • The mounting bolt is not sturdy

Lastly, this air rifle scope from the Monstrum manufactures combines accuracy and affordability. It has a magnification 3-9x, which enhances the aiming of the target. The rangefinder reticle has both green and red illuminations, which facilitates brightness adjustments. Also, the reticles are nitrogen filled. Thus, they are waterproof and fog proof

The lens has a multilayer design that keeps them safe from scratches and fog.  It also comes with lens cover for protection. Nevertheless, the lens is quite exquisite to enhance clarity and sharper images. The objective lens has a 32 mm diameter, which gives the scope a wider angle of view.  However, this air rifle scope is useful in only short and mid-range shooting

The main feature that is unique in this handy tool is its highly responsive dial controls for brightness. Also, it has a throw lever, which allows fast magnification adjustments. Consequently, it is a stress-free tool with straightforward operations. It has an eye relief of 3.5 to 3.8in.  The high profile scope rings of this tool are handy in ensuring optimum placement of the scope.

Also, its crafting is of heavy strength materials for longevity. Its construction is of aircraft aluminum, which is not only known for its durability but also for its’ lightweight.  The scope has a length of 9.” and weighs only 12 oz. It uses the 3V CR1632 battery, which is highly durable. Besides its firm and professional construction, this tool price is affordable.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Magnification power

Magnification is a crucial factor t0 find if you need to avoid disappointments in rifle scopes. It is the ability to increment the naked eye vision. In riflescopes, it is represented by the first number after the rifle scope name. It commonly ranges from 3-30x. However, you should regard your type of shooting to determine the level of magnification you require. For long-distance shooting, you will require a higher magnification while the vice versa also holds to be true

Lens coating

If you need the most precise image, you can’t miss considering the lens coating. The layer determines the amount of light reflected by the lens and light transmission in the lens.   This coating helps in the reduction of glares caused by the incoming light, which later reduces reflection. There are different types of coating which consist of;

  • Coated- it has at least a single layer of coating
  • Fully-coated- in this case, every lens has an anti-reflective coating on its surface
  • Fully-multicoated- it has multiple layers on every lens of the riflescope
  • Multi-coated- at least one of the riflescope has the anti-glare coating


The reticle, which is also known as the crosshair, affects the target aiming.  Thus, it determines the point where the bullet will go. There are different types of crosshairs; hence it is a matter of choice. The thin reticles offer a high level of precision but quite challenging to see on low light conditions. When it comes to the thick crosshairs, their accuracy is lower but has excellent visibility in low light conditions. Thus, the day shooters should use a thin reticle while the thick reticle will serve the night shooters

Objective lens size

Its diameter determines the objective lens capability. It is indicated after magnification in millimeters. For example, rifle scope 3-9x32mm has an objective lens diameter of 32 millimeters. It identifies the amount of light transmission, which later affects the clarity of the image. The higher the objective lens diameter is, the sharper the mage. However, most rifle scopes with a broader objective lens tend to be heavy

Eye rifle

Nevertheless, the eye relief is an important feature to consider in rifle scopes. It refers to the distance from the user’s eyes to the eyepiece. It is denoted in inches. Ideally, the larger the eye rifle, the lower the magnification while the vice versa also holds to be right. Thus, to get maximum magnification which equates to brighter images, you should get a rifle scope with lower eye relief

Tube size

A rifle scope has two main dimensions, 30mm or 1 inch. The tube size determines the internal range adjustability and also regulates the amount of light transmission.  Also, knowing the riflescope tube size will help you get the right mounting rings. A 30mm tube requires 30mm mounting rings while the 1mm tube size will use 1mm mounting rings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use rifle scope for air rifles?

Yes, a rifle scope can be used for air rifles, but rifle scope shots will not last long in the air compared to the air rifle scope. Thus, not recommendable air rifles

What should I consider when purchasing an air rifle scope?

Accuracy is what every rifle scope should promise. Some of the factors to consider guaranteeing precision are objective lens diameter, magnification power, tube size, and eye relief. You can consider going through the buyer’s guide to getting more details.

Which is the best air rifle scope for a beginner?

For a beginner, you should consider factors such as intuitive controls. The rifle scope surfaces should allow a firm grip and also promise highly-responsive adjustments. The Barska 3-12×50 air rifle hunting scope is exceedingly recommendable to the beginners due to its sure-grip surfaces and its fast magnification adjustments.

Which is the most recommendable lens coating?

There are several lens coating, which includes a single coating to multilayer coating. The most recommendable coating is the full-multilayer coating, for it insinuates that every lens has an anti-reflective coating. However, on cost consideration having a single lens coated will still serve the purpose

Final words

This article does not only suggest the most recommendable and affordable rifle scopes but also highlights a well-detailed buyer’s guide. The level of magnification does not only determine sharp images. Essential things such as eye relief, tube size, objective lens size, and much more come along. Nevertheless, precision is not a debatable feature in rifle scopes. Go through this article to discover the best air rifle scopes under 100, an exhaustive buyer’s guide, and answers to the frequently asked questions.

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