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Henry, the creator of Crosshairs Chat, learned about guns at a young age growing up in rural New Mexico on a large ranch. This is where he learned to shoot, hunt and gained respect for this wonderful tool that we all love. He grew up shooting just about every type of gun and projectile weapon. In early 2017 Henry decided to build some websites to share his love of guns with the world. Through his sites, he's hoping to help people find the information, tools & products that will make them more proficient, safe and have more fun with guns.

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The Difference Between a BB Gun and An Airsoft Gun

In today’s society, there are tons of activities that have been developed to pass the time and create diversion & entertainment. Among such activities is the use of non-lethal guns – often referred to as BB guns or air guns- as a fun shooting pastime activity. The short …

What Is A Bolo Knife?

Philippine-originated, the bolo knife is a weapon known for its deadliness. Although it was only an agricultural tool, in the beginning, it eventually influenced the world’s military warfare. A bolo knife is a long, heavy knife that was initially made for farming. Besides the Philippines, it’s used in …