Hi, I’m Henry, the creator of Crosshairs Chat. I learned about guns at a young age growing up in rural New Mexico on a large ranch. This is where I learned to shoot, hunt and gain respect for this wonderful tool that we all love.

I grew up shooting just about every type of gun and projectile weapon; from pistols, sport rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, bows, slingshots, paintball, airsoft, and machine guns (yes, a family “friend” had access to many full auto weapons).

In early 2017 I think I had a mid-life crisis and I decided to build some websites to share my love of guns with the world. I grew up with guns but I didn’t know everything about them. I wanted to know more. I wanted a hobby (not a new Corvette!). So I’m getting more into guns and sharing my journey with you on a couple of websites.

The sites are growing steadily as I find time to research articles, test products and create content for each. My main goal is to help people. Through my two primary sites (CrosshairsChat and TAKEtheGUN) and future Youtube channel, I hope to give people the information, tools & insights that will make them more proficient, safe and have more fun with guns.

Ultimately I want to make it clear that I’m not an expert. I don’t have any special training. I don’t own a gun store, shooting range or tons of guns (I had a bunch but they were all lost in a boating accident a few years ago… if you know what I mean)! I didn’t serve our wonderful county (the USA) in the military and I don’t get out to the range as much as I would like. But I respect those who did and do.

I’m a hobbyist. I like guns. I like to shoot them. I’m learning how to build them & work on them. I feel like it’s our God-given right to own them for our enjoyment and protection. But with that right, we are responsible to do everything we can to treat them with respect and be safe in all our actions with them – for ourselves and those who may be around us.

This is the point of my sites. Provide info & resources to enjoy our guns in a safe way. As I have questions I’ll research answers and share them with you. If I’m wrong, please tell me – I don’t pretend to know everything.

From time to time I may hire people to help me research & write my articles. Sometimes people may write a guest post on my site. Sometimes I may be asked to run a sponsored post and be compensated for it. No matter what, I will do everything I can to exhibit integrity in everything I do and will be open, honest & transparent with my readers. That’s my commitment to you.

Crosshairs Chat (this site) centers around knives, airguns (like BB Guns & Pellet Guns) and airsoft guns. I’ll work to answer questions that come up regarding these topics. At some point, I may create a forum on the site if you all want one. Stick around and check out some of my articles and contact me if you want me to cover something in particular.

TAKE the GUN is focused on shooting, hunting, home protection & defense. We write about shooting guns, transporting firearms, storing them safely, traveling with them, building them (gunsmithing) and reloading ammunition. I’m a novice with most of the stuff on this site but that was the point. I wanted to document my learnings as I become more skilled and educated in this area. Check out the site and let me know what you think.

Either way – I hope you enjoy both sites and come back often to see how we’re doing.

Henry —

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